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Using The Smith Deadweight Machine For Squats

gymFor most people, physical attractiveness is considered synonymous to a fit and healthy body. This marks the beginning of a health-driven generation who take pleasure in keeping their bodies in top shape. Whether you are a professional athlete, a regular gym goer or new to the world of fitness, improving your performance using machines like the deadlift Smith machine can help you develop strength faster and correct your posture so that your work out is more effective. In the past decade, more people have begun to join gyms and other fitness groups than during any other period, according to www.livestrong.com.

Improving your lower body strength is one of the key points to physical fitness. Without creating lower body strength, it would be impossible to train the rest of your body without posing a serious risk of injury. A popular way to do this is to complete sets of squats in between lifts. Squats are specifically used to develop the calves, glutes, and quadriceps apart from the core muscles. They are simple, effective and fast, especially if done without equipment. For the best results, you can use either free weights such as barbells or dumbbells or your own bodyweight to do this with the help of a Smith machine.

Make sure that you can feel all the muscles groups working together in harmony. If you place too much strain on a single side, you could end up with an injury. The perfect squat requires a firm posture so that the weight distribution remains even throughout the set. Working together with a trainer can help correct your posture and at the same time, determine if you can work out with Smith deadlift machine. Make sure you know how to work the machine or have your trainer or fellow gym-goer teach you the ropes. These machines are extremely heavy and can cause injury with the slightest misuse. It is of particular importance to consult a doctor or physical therapist you have previous injuries or suffer from back or knee problems.

A normal squat requires keeping your feet slightly wider than shoulder width and lowering your upper body, keeping your upper body perpendicular to the floor and your spine straight. Your knees should not tilt forward as you straighten. Your hands can be placed on your hips, raised above your head or clasped in front of you for balance. Using weighted resistance adds a challenging element to the workout. Using a Smith machine can help you spot your sets better when working out alone as the weights can be rested in between each squat.

Remember that by distancing your feet more than required, you will be placing more undue stress on your glutes than required, leaving your quads unattended. Stand right under the bar holding the weights and keep an eye on your posture. The right posture comes naturally when doing squats unaided as it is the best way to maintain your balance. However, with the Smith machine, the weights are only temporarily needed. Switch between the machine and free weights to keep your workouts interesting and effective.