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Tips To Reduce Discomfort When Wearing Orthodontic Braces

An-Orthodontist-in-Davis-CA-Guides-Your-Child-on-Wearing-Braces-e1430880032491An orthodontic brace is the best option to get straight teeth and a sparkling smile but you experience some discomfort while wearing the braces due to pressure on your teeth. Pain caused by wearing the braces will vary based on your age, gender and stress level. Tiger Smile Orthodontics and Braces is located in Baton Rouge and has experienced orthodontic dentists who make your teeth straight using advanced technology.

You can try various methods to reduce the severity of the pain because there is no single treatment available to cure the pain. You will encounter severe pain from 24 hours to 72 hours after wearing the braces for the first time. It is recommended to eat only soft foods for initial days that do not require any chewing during eating. You can consume chewable foods after your begin to feel comfortable eating with braces. Soft foods like mashed banana, mashed potato, soups and apple sauce are preferred for two to three days after wearing the braces.

To decrease the pain you can take frozen foods like ice cream because it numbs your mouth and gums and provides relief to your trouble. You can also place an ice cube in the area where you experience severe pain to decrease the pain. If you have pain, you should not eat citrus fruits because it gets stored in your mouth and causes more discomfort. It causes severe irritation in your mouth and you should avoid such citric fruits. Chewing sugar-free gum is the best option because it increases blood flow in your mouth and reduces your pain. Also if you consume sugar-free gums your teeth is less prone to tooth decay.

If you are experiencing pain in your mouth due to braces you should avoid hard foods that stick to your braces. This will increase your pain and increase the cost for treatment. Hard foods like caramel, nuts, chips, taffy and jerky harm your braces. You should avoid chewing inedible hard objects like pencils, ice cubes and pens etc.