Need Of The Hour: Water Treatment

Need Of The Hour Water Treatment

Water is truly the elixir of life as our body is made up of nearly 75 percent fluid used to perform normal cell functions. With the increase in industries and human population, it is necessary to provide treated water in order to meet the daily requirements. Reverse osmosis Perth has the latest desalination equipment that will kill the germs in the natural water and make it suitable for drinking purposes. For more ideas on water treatment, you can visit and learn more about the trending practices.

Water scarcity is plaguing the world and with depleting natural resources, companies are turning to technology to bridge the demand-supply graph. One method is desalination that treats seawater to make them fit for human consumption.

Shortage of water is no longer confined to drought-hit areas. In the US alone, several officials are looking at alternative sources of water to provide the citizens. By implementing methods like reverse osmosis and desalination, water that was considered unfit for consumption is now put to good use.

This process of removing dissolved salts from water has been in practice since the times of Aristotle. It has also helped several mariners stay alive during their voyages.

Importance Of Desalination
There are nearly 300 million cubic miles of water on Planet Earth and nearly 97 percent of the water content is found in the oceans. These have high concentrations of salt content and drinking them can lead to adverse effects on the human body. Using latest technologies, salt is separated from seawater to produce fresh water. One of the commonly used methods include:

Reverse Osmosis (RO)
To understand this process place muddy water in a glass and filter the contents into another glass using a sieve. This is how exactly the RO process works. A semipermeable membrane traps ions and large particles, and this process is widely used in industries and homes. The resulting solution is filtered water that can be used for medical, industrial, and domestic purposes.

Coagulation And Sedimentation
Untreated water consists of bacteria and particulate matter. Using the process of coagulation and flocculation, small particles give birth to a colloid. This water is passed through a flocculation chamber where additional chemicals are added for purification. Finally, the process of sedimentation will cause the heavy particles to settle at the bottom, separating the dense particles from clear water.

In any water purification process, there are four stages. In the pre-filtration process, water is screened from the source to prevent debris from clogging the filtration system. The second stage is sedimentation filtration that helps remove dirt, sand, and suspended solids in the water.

This is followed by carbon filtration where each molecule of water is passed through pores of carbon that removes the dirt particles. The last stage includes the process of UV treatment where a stream of UV light destroys the residual microorganisms in the water.

Benefits Of Treated Water:
Soft water is beneficial for appliances as it prevents scale formation.
Protection from harmful bacteria and organisms
Good for health
Creates a positive impact on the environment.

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